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What is the purpose of my donation?


Today, we would like to offer our help to artists coming from Brussels or elsewhere who cannot have access to it for lack of sufficient means. Your support will allow us to cover expenses such as artists' salaries, equipment or travel expenses.


With a standing order of € 5 per month, you can already offer an artist the possibiulity to benefit from the help of our non-profit organization or to come and play in our café-theater.Your donation makes the difference immediately!

How to make a donation?


By making a single transfer to this account:

 Zoart ASBL - IBAN BE92 0015 9805 7923, with the communication "donation"


By completing a standing order  at your bank. To do this, simply follow the instructions of your bank for this banking operation. You will be able to manage your standing order and/or direct debits by yourself.


To complete the operation, please indicate Zoart banking details :

 Zoart ASBL - IBAN BE92 0015 9805 7923 - with the communication "donation.


Why choosing  a donation by standing order?

By choosing the standing order, you symbolically agree to pay each month a fixed amount in favor of Zoart objectives.

This donation procedure has several advantages: you spread the payment of your support, you will not forget to make the transfer, and Zoart knows that it can count on you to continue offering its  assistance to the artists.


What happens after my donation?

Once your donation is made

- You accept to be contacted again by us to thank you for the support and also to keep you updated not only on Zoart activities, but also on the final use of your donation and the activities organised with it. For this purpose, and if you are interested,  we would  send you an activity report.


We thank you for your support on behalf of our team and that of the artists whose dreams have come true and can now progress in their artistic life. move forward  to whom your donations helped to make their dreams come true and have moved forward.

Tel: + 32 2-218 32 02  

Boulevard de Nieuport/Nieuwpoortlaan 1-1000 Brussels

Numéro de compte :  IBAN BE92 0015 9805 7923

Numéro d'entreprise : 0820.241.205

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