FéminiFestival IS AN OPEN WINDOW ON feminine creations

Zoart organizes the FEMINI FESTIVAL from Thursday May 28 to May 31 in their café-theatre.

The main objective of this festival (second edition) is to highlight women artists by promoting exchange and sharing with the public.

About the festival

What’s the FéminiFestival ?


It is a 4-day festival that will honor young Belgian artists who reflects diversity and want to explore issues of all kinds.


Several artists will be present in a goal of exchange, sharing and highlighting female artists. We want to rebalance the situation at our own level by opening the debate and informing the public about women artists and their struggle. This fight for gender equality, especially in the artistic world, is still in great need. This question is crucial, as for the environment, it can not be the preserve of some specialized organizations. It must concern our whole society. We invest in young talents and hope to sow the seeds of a world full of hope and a real life together in a truly inclusive and egalitarian society. We are all aware that the world will never be a big village but we would like to contribute at our own level to the abolition of mental boundaries.

Why ?


Zoart will celebrate this year these 10 years of existence and our observation is that women artists are still underrepresented. Our desire is to restore some balance. 



This feminist festival takes place in our « café theatre » which is a former gynecological office !


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